Advanced Materials

  • Fibrillar adhesives

Bio-inspired fibrillar adhesives and friction surfaces

  • Enhanced optimal adhesion using mushroom microfibers
  • Controlled friction surfaces
  • Soft inflatable robotic grippers with fibrillar adhesives


For enabling novel small-scale physical intelligence systems, advanced soft and smart materials are indispensible for improved performance and adaptive behavior. Therefore, our team has been proposing elastomeric microfiber materials inspired by geckos and insects as novel gripping or surface locomotion materials for miniature robots. Such bio-inspired fibrillar materials have been used in palm-sized climbing robots, miniature crawling robots, and new soft robotic grippers to pick and place complex parts. Next, novel biohybrid and active composite materials with multifunctionality will be designed and controlled for novel milli/microrobots.

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Bio-inspired fibrillar adhesives and friction surfaces