Magnetic Microrobot Design and Control

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  • Employ external magnetic fields for six-degrees-of-freedom         (6-DOF) microrobot control.


  • Investigate different imaging modalities as servoing method to localize and track the microrobot.


  • Implement autonomous strategies to position and orient microparticles in the workspace.

Project Members:

Joshua Giltinan

Xiaoguang Dong

Wenqi Hu

Past Members:

Chytra Pawashe

Steven Floyd

Guo Zhan Lum

Eric Diller

Zhou Ye

Selected Research Results and Papers

Six-Degrees-of-Freedom Remote Actuation of Magnetic Microrobots

Existing remotely-actuated microrobots powered by magnetic coils far from the workspace exhibit a maximum of only five-degrees-of-freedom (DOF) actuation, as a driving torque about the magnetization axis is not achievable. This lack of orientation control limits the effectiveness of existing microrobots for precision tasks of object manipulation and orientation for advanced medical, biological and micro-manufacturing applications. This paper presents a novel magnetic actuation method that allows these robots to achieve full six-DOF actuation by allowing for a non-uniform magnetization profile within the microrobot body. This non-uniform magnetization results in additional rigid-body torques to be induced from magnetic forces via a moment arm. A general analytical model presents the working principle for continuous and discrete magnetization profiles. Using this model, microrobot design guidelines are introduced which guarantee six-DOF actuation capability. Several discrete magnetization designs which possess reduced coupling between magnetic forces and induced rigid-body torques are also presented. A simple permanent-magnet decoupled prototype is fabricated and used to quantitatively demonstrate the accuracy of the analytical model in a constrained-DOF environment and qualitatively for free motion in a viscous liquid three-dimensional environment. Results show that desired forces and torques can be created with high precision and limited parasitic actuation, allowing for full six-DOF actuation using limited feedback control.

Eric Diller, Joshua Giltinan, Guo Zhan Lum, Zhou Ye, and Metin Sitti, “Six-Degrees-of-Freedom Remote Actuation of Magnetic Microrobots,” Robotics and Science Systems 2014. [Best Paper Award Finalist]

Selected Videos

Teleoperated star-shaped Mag-μBot

Mag-μBot in translation

A teleoperated star-shaped Mag-μBot inserting a peg into a gap

High-speed video of the side-view of a Mag-μBot in translation, displaying stick-slip motion, taken at 200 fps

List of Publications



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