Mobile Millirobots

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For design, fabrication, and control of millimeter scale mobile robots to operate in unstructured environments, we are inspired by small-scale animal locomotion to create novel ground, climbing, flying, swimming, and water-walking robots. Our current focus is on design and control of highly dynamic legged and winged locomotion systems and multimodal locomotion systems such as jumping-gliding vampire bat inspired robots. Next, minimally invasive medical millirobots would have high impact in healthcare applications, and we have proposed pill-size endoscopic robots that could actively image, deliver drugs, and conduct biopsies inside the GI tract. Finally, reconfigurable and self-assembling soft millirobots that could enable robust, multifunctional, and adaptive behavior in complex environments such as inside the human body, in outdoors, and in space exploration have been investigated.

Bio-Inspired Locomotion

Medical Millirobots

Soft Millirobots