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Department Awards

Scientific Awards


  • Junghwan Byun: received a National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) Fellowship (joined from Seoul National University in S. Korea)
    Junghwan Byun
  • Sungwoo Chun: received a Humboldt Postdoc Fellowship (joined from Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea) - More Information
    Sungwoo Chun
  • Meng Li: received a Humboldt Postdoc Fellowship (joined from Tufts University in USA) - More Information
    Meng Li
  • Hakan Ceylan will be awarded with the Günter Petzow Prize 2020.
    Hakan Ceylan




  • Donghoon Son and Metin Sitti were the Best Medical Robotics Award Finalist in the IEEE Robotics and Automation Conference for the research paper entitled, “Magnetically Actuated Soft Capsule Endoscope for Fine-Needle Aspiration Biopsy” - More Information
    Donghoon Son Metin Sitti



  • Chantal Göttler: 1st Prize at the "Thesis in Three" Competition in the M.Sc. category
    Chantal Goettler
  • Wenqi Hu and Wendong Wang received the Humboldt postdoctoral fellowship. 
    Wenqi Hu Wendong Wang
  • Alumnus award: Our lab alumnus Assist. Prof. Bahareh Behkam at Virginia Tech in USA received the National Science Foundation CAREER award from the Biomedical Engineering program in 2015. Her award will focus on investigating immune cell-bacteria interactions in the cancer tumor microenvironment.
    Metin Sitti


  • Taewon Seo and Metin Sitti received the IEEE/ASME Best Mechatronics Paper Award due to the paper on tank-like modular climbing robots using elastomeric dry adhesives.
    Metin Sitti

  • Uyiosa Abosomwan and Metin Sitti received the Best Poster Award in the Adhesion Conference due to the research poster on contact self-cleaning mechanics of gecko-inspired adhesives.
    Metin Sitti

  • Metin Sitti became an IEEE Fellow due to contributions to micro- and nano-scale robotic systems.
    Metin Sitti
  • Eric Diller, Zhou Ye, Guo Zhan Lum, Joshua Giltinan and Metin Sitti were selected as the Best Paper Award Finalist in the Robotics Science and Systems Conference due to the paper on novel six degrees-of-freedom actuation method for mobile magnetic microrobots.
    Zhou Ye Guo Zhan Lum Joshua Giltinan Metin Sitti
  • Matthew Woodward and Metin Sitti: Top 5 Most Read Papers of 2014 of the International Journal of Robotics Research journal for the paper entitled, "MultiMo-Bat: Biologically Inspired Integrated Jumping-Gliding Robot". 
    Matthew Woodward Metin Sitti